Rome Guided Visit

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Rome Guided Visit (RGV) is an Italian tour company offering private tours to visitors of Rome and other popular Italian cities. They are at the higher end of their market, offering luxurious tours that include transportation, professionally trained guides and skip-the-line services.


  • Rome Guided Visit is an Italian tour company whose current website was not generating bookings and failed to communicate their unique position in the market.
  • Though initially unsure of what they needed to overhaul their online presence, Colouring Department helped RGV gain clarity and delivered a full web package with integrated services to boost their marketing efforts.
  • Colouring Department completely overhauled RGV’s website, delivering a new site that is optimised for search engines and easy-to-navigate user booking.
  • The project also involved market research, automated emails, new imagery and written content, translation services, Google AdWords setup and WordPress training.

The need

Initially, RGV was unsure what they needed to succeed online. Colouring Department worked closely with the RGV team to better identify their needs. It was decided they needed a full creative strategy to renew their look and reignite their marketing activities.

RGV came to us already having a website that simply wasn’t working for them. They needed a website that reflected their position in the market (a high-quality, luxury provider within the crowded Italian tour company industry) while also having the functionalities required for online bookings, including discounts for children and other groups.

RGV needed an easy-to-use website whereby potential customers could get in touch via site contact and booking forms and an online chat service. Due to the international nature of their business, they also needed a website that could be presented in multiple languages. The site also needed to be responsive on a variety of devices and, due to the competitive nature of the industry, required better search engine optimisation.

Rome Guided Visit

The solution

Colouring Department started by going through RGV’s current website. We evaluated what was working and what was not so we could decide what would be kept for the new design. We also examined the market to get a better sense of industry-standard and functionality requirements.

The code for RGV’s old site was riddled with errors and needed to be entirely rewritten. We created a template that not only offered better coding but also helped with the site’s ranking in search engines. We also updated RGV’s imagery to optimise for both image quality and site speed.

To allow for a better user experience, we restructured the website’s layout, categorising tours by location before breaking them down by tour type. We rewrote their English content (previously written by a native Italian) and brought onboard translators to ensure accurate translation to Italian, Spanish and French.

Design-wise, we used a red and gold colour theme to denote prestige, a higher-quality experience and a premium service. The colours and chosen imagery also allowed RGV to maintain a Romanesque vibe in their visual branding.

Additional deliverables included market research, automated booking confirmation emails, WordPress training, server change and domain transfer, and the creation of Google AdWords campaigns. The completed website was built and mounted onto WordPress so RGV can continue to add new tours and update existing ones.

The result

RGV’s new website is better optimised for search engines, helping them get in front of the customers they want. After grabbing their attention, potential customers are treated to superior imagery, a stronger brand identity and better content, helping RGV stand out from the competition and transform site visitors into bookings.