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Imprimis is a fashion wholesaler in Dublin, Ireland. It the main wholesale representative for More & More, a European women’s clothing brand.



  • Imprimis is a high-end fashion wholesaler in Ireland, the main representative for clothing brand More & More
  • The client needed a customised brand that appealed to their target market, reflected their level of quality and worked both online and offline
  • Colouring Department undertook a full branding project for the client, which involved creating brand guidelines, building a custom website and coordinating with a third-party agency to print unique business cards

The need

Imprimis had been operating for a while but had yet to create a brand that appealed to their target market. The company needed a new look and style that would speak volumes both online and offline and allow for consistency across all marketing channels.

The client had no online presence and needed a complete brand overhaul, including establishing the right brand guidelines, building an attractive website and populating it with content. They also needed print materials, particularly business cards, that would reflect their new brand.


The solution

Colouring Department’s first step was to understand Imprimis’ market, especially in terms of age, gender and location. It was only by understanding the customers the brand was trying to reach that we could create a look and style that would resonate. Imprimis also needed a brand that matched the style of More & More, their main supplier.

Based on our market research, we decided the client needed a clean and modern design that would appeal to women of all ages and reflect the brand’s high-end status. We developed a colour scheme of calm, soft colours to portray the brand’s femininity, and a touch of gold was added to convey a touch of elegance.

Colouring Department then built, designed and tested a responsive, custom brochure website for the client reflecting these brand guidelines. We also worked with a third-party print agency to produce stunning gold leaf business cards, giving the client a physical marketing product that would really stand out.

The result

With a brand that clearly reflects their quality and unique style, Imprimis now has the tools they need to show their target market they understand them and can cater to their needs. By applying that brand to a fully responsive website, we also allowed the client to reach its customers online for the first time.

Exactly what I needed

Imprimis I was most impressed with the Colouring Departments ability to understand the essence of what I wanted for my website. Charlotte was able to interpret and build a website with exactly what I needed which was both user friendly and visually striking. I would highly recommend the Colouring Department.” Sinead Woods, Owner

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Sinead Woods