Breffni Electrical

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Breffni Electrical is a small business in Cavan, Ireland. Comprised of two main partners and a selection of specially trained contractors, it provides a full range of electrician services to the Irish market.

Breffni Electrical


  • Breffni Electrical is a small team of electricians based in Cavan, Ireland.
  • The business needed fresh branding, including a new logo, to help them stand out in a crowded local market.
  • Colouring Department designed a unique, animated logo for the client along with brand guidelines to help them market their services in a whole new way.

The need

As a team of electricians, Breffni Electrical operates within a saturated market. While the business already had a logo, they needed a sturdier brand image that allowed them to differentiate themselves from local competitors.

The client was looking for a clear, sharp brand design that defined the business and clearly communicated their offering, along with brand guidelines that could be referenced for future marketing efforts.

The solution

Colouring Department understood the client’s need to stand out in a saturated market, and wanted to work with Breffni Electrical to create a brand that would really stand out. Our first step was therefore to research their market, particularly their main competitors, to identify overlaps and opportunities to differentiate.

We worked with the client to develop a style that clearly symbolised their offering while also reflecting their quality level of service. Colouring Department designed a new logo resembling a light bulb, which was then animated to flash on the screen. We also came up with other brand guidelines, including colour palettes, fonts and layouts, and updated the business’ social media accounts to reflect their new branding.

The result

With a new logo and clear, distinctive brand guidelines, Breffni Electrical is equipped with the tools they needed to generate brand recognition in their local market and attract the right customers. Their new logo, in contrast to their previous one, was formatted properly to be used universally across digital and print platforms.

“Thanks to Colouring Department’s help, we now have a brand that helps us stand out from the crowd. Not only do we have a unique logo, we have the things we need to market our business properly. It’s had a huge impact on the way our prospective customers see us, and on our success as a business.”