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colouring department and trading online voucher

Have you got a business in Ireland? Get your website funded by the TOV!!

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Colouring Department and the Trading Online voucher

The Trading Online Voucher is a scheme set up by Enterprise Ireland. It supports Irish businesses by providing a grant up to the amount of €2,500. This grant needs to be spent on ecommerce web development and online advertising designed to accelerate your business.

Once you have applied to the Trading Online Voucher Colouring Department can create your branding, design and build your website and get you started with an online digital strategy.

We aim to get your business online fast and to help kick-start your online activity.

Benefits of having an online store:

Overseas markets:

Having an online store gives you access to a much wider market. You can reach customers in different locations of Ireland and more importantly you can reach overseas markets that were unavailable or very costly to reach when operating offline.

Valuable market research:

Having your website online captures valuable data about your potential market that is otherwise unavailable with traditional marketing methods. Where are they located? What devices are they using? What products or services are they looking for? You can then use this information to make changes to your website and marketing efforts but also to make improvements to your products and services themselves.

Targeted marketing!

With all this new data and understanding of your market you can create marketing campaigns that are directed at specific users. You can save time that was previously spent targeting the wrong markets.

Sales while you sleep!

Online shoppers often have irregular buying behavior. Having an online store gives you access to sales outside of your normal working hours.

Online presence:

There are many benefits to having your store online but the main one is to have presence in the online market. Your competitors are online and therefore you need to be seen!

To access the scheme get in touch today and Colouring Department will put you in contact with the TOV team to help you get started with your application.

Are you thinking of applying for the Trading online Voucher? Get in touch today and we can support you with your application.