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Images not showing on Twitter posts

When you have spent a long time creating a blog post or an online article and then you want to share your new content on social media it can be very frustrating when certain features don’t work. For example when sharing a post on Twitter from your website you start by adding the link to the post, creating the content and staying within the character limit finally to click publish. However the image on the post does not appear and therefore is not attracting users who are scrolling through twitter at high speed.

How to prevent this from happening:

You can prevent the loss of images on twitter by using Twitter cards. Twitter Cards makes it possible for you to attach rich media to tweets that link to your content. If you have a WordPress site the fastest and easiest way is to update your Yoast plugin settings.

Step 1: Go to Yoast within WordPress and select Social

Yoast tab

Step 2: Add your twitter account name to the general settings

Yoast Twitter

Click save settings.

Step 3: Select twitter tab

In here make sure that it says enabled and you have chosen “summary with a large image”. Click save settings.


Now you can share your new post on twitter.


Need help setting this up? Contact us at Colouring Department and we will set it up for free.

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