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4 marketing books to read in 2020

Online marketing is a big unknown for many businesses. It is common practice to outsource these activities to the experts however it’s always a good approach to have at least a basic understanding of the work you are outsourcing. My name is Charlotte and I opened up Colouring Department in 2017. Colouring Department delivers professional Branding, design and marketing services using the industry best practices. I have been building up a big list of books that I have read to improve Colouring department services over the years and they have been amazingly successful. So I am eager to share them with you.

Below is a list of 4 of my favourites from my research in 2019. I have loved reading them and I want to transfer the information directly to you:

don't make me think

1. Don’t make me think by Steve Krug

This book is focused primarily on user experience design. It is a very appealing book for designers themselves but also if you have a small to medium sized business and you are coordinating your web and marketing activities the insights that this book offers will greatly help with converting users on your site. The title “Don’t make me think” is so clever because the idea behind the book is to make it easier for users to navigate through your site and to easily get in contact with your business. Steve Krug uses effective real life examples that can be directly applied to your design methods. Download Here

SEO 2020

2. SEO 2020 by Adam Clarke

This book gives a brief overview of SEO focusing a lot on the technical aspects. It’s great for anyone getting started with SEO as it provides a general outline on what to delve into further. Following the guidelines in this book can help you with:

  • Understanding what tools to use and how to use them to improve your rankings
  • Starting your keyword research strategy and learning how to monitor your competitors
  • The basics behind link building
  • Web analytics and how to monitor reports

Download Here

3 months to number 1

3. 3 months to No.1 by Will Coombe

This book offers a great story behind how an ex airline pilot became one of UK’s leading SEO consultants. Will Coombe also helps you to identify if SEO is a good approach for your business and doesn’t force the idea or myth that SEO works for everyone. Your marketing efforts should always match your business goals. Areas covered include:

  • On-page optimisation
  • Links and how to build them
  • Content marketing
  • And using social media to improve seo
  • Along with many other core insights

Download Here Linkedin

4. LinkedIn unlocked

This book is interesting for anyone whose market is primarily B2B. LinkedIn is a highly powerful tool for generating leads, building up content and gaining insights into your target market. This book explains how to use LinkedIn to boost your business through social selling and explains how to move away from forcing direct messages into people’s inboxes and more towards using the information available to build on-going trusted relationships with potential clients. What this book offers:

  • First of all this book helps you to define who your market is and what criteria to be focusing on
  • How to improve your own profile to become more attractive to your market
  • How to start prospecting with LinkedIn
  • How to build up your content
  • How to build up your content

Download Here

With these four books you will have a greater insight into the main areas of attracting users with SEO and social media and also for user experience for locking in the users once you have attracted them. Enjoy!