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Typewiser is a platform and tool that allows small medium enterprise (SME) developing cutting edge technologies to create business plans as part of their grant applications. It was created to work alongside the European Commission’s Horizon 2020’s SME Instrument and was developed by one of Europe’s top SME funding advisory boards.


  • Typewiser is a business plan creation tool, developed by one of Europe’s top SME funding advisory experts as part of Horizon 2020’s SME Instrument
  • The client had no online presence and needed a website that was unique, interactive, animated and highly responsive
  • Colouring Department worked with the client to design and develop a visually-engaging website that suited their needs within a tight three-week timeframe

The need

Typewiser is a relatively new venture, and when they approached Colouring Department they did not have a web presence of any kind for this line of their business. They were looking for a website that would allow them to get the word out about their initiative, but that also went beyond the average: one that stood out from the crowd, was interactive and had customised animations.

The client wanted a modern vibe for their website with animations that introduced plenty of movement to the site for added visual effect. The website also needed to be highly responsive so that users would actively engage with the site and easily find the information they needed.

All of this needed to be delivered within a very tight timeframe: two weeks for initial development with an additional week for refinement.

website screenshot website screenshot website screenshot
typewiser logo

The solution

Colouring Department first worked with the client to go through their design wishes. We wanted to carefully evaluate their vision to make sure it could be actualised, particularly in terms of making them responsive.

We worked together to prepare mockups for a desktop version of the website, moving on to the mobile version, before going on to implementing the site’s responsiveness and animation features. After some review and testing, we delivered website files that the client could upload to their server themselves once the website was ready to launch.

typewiser animation

The result

The Typewiser website has yet to be launched; however, the client is fully equipped with the necessary files to do so. The project was successfully completed within the three-week deadline, and we were so pleased to be able to help the client establish an online presence quickly and efficiently.

Exceeded our expectations

Typewiser Colouring Department worked directly with our internal marketing team to design and develop a site for our new product launch. They were able to deliver great insight and direction as to how our website could be designed in a way that supported our sales and marketing functions. Colouring Department developed a great online solution… Read more “Exceeded our expectations”

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