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Sunstark is a tech startup that offers solutions to the agricultural market, particularly in Australia. They are based in County Longford, Ireland.


  • Sunstark is an Irish startup offering tech solutions for the agricultural market
  • The client needed a strong brand identity that would strongly position them in their market and allow them to obtain external funding
  • Colouring Department conducted research to better understand the client, their market and their offering before delivering full brand guidelines, along with a professionally designed business plan and funding presentation material

The need

Sunstark was in their startup phase when they approached Colouring Department for help, and was attempting to obtain external funding for their technical development projects. To establish their business in the best light and make them come across as a sound investment opportunity and industry influencer, the client needed a fully developed brand and improved business plan.

The solution

For a project of this scope, Colouring Department worked to really get to know the client, their market and their core offering. We started by doing market research and closely studying their existing business proposal to get a sense of what voice and brand identity would work for them.

Our first step in this instance was to work with the client to review the foundations of their brand, including their vision, values and mission, to help them position themselves competitively. We then worked with the client to develop a visual brand, including a logo and overall visual design. The brand needed to adequately represent the company while also resonating within their market, and we decided to use a strong, masculine, professional aesthetic.

Following this process, we worked with the client to revamp their business plan so that it both sounded and looked professional and aesthetically pleasing. We also helped them produce presentations and other relevant documents to their funding pitch, all in line with their new visual identity. Brand guidelines were established to guide any future work.

The result

With a solid brand identity, including a brand voice and visual brand guidelines, Sunstark is now equipped with the confidence to tackle their market and attract potential investors in a professional, engaging way. They understood the importance of starting off on the right foot, and now have a brand that adequately positions them to achieve their goals as a new business.

Colouring Department was an imperative part of my startup

Sunstark Technology Charlotte of the Colouring Department was an imperative part of my startup “Sunstark Technologies”. She was professional, helpful, determined and self motivated. With her enthusiasm to better my project, moral was always high, her input was invaluable. With her design talent and knowledge base paired with a reasonable pricing structure, out collaboration was… Read more “Colouring Department was an imperative part of my startup”

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