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Skinplicity is a beauty therapy business located in Manchester, England. They specialise in skin care therapies, including wrinkle-relaxation, facial dermal fillers and lip treatments.

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  • Skinplicity is a beauty therapy business in Manchester, England
  • Colouring Department worked remotely with the client to come up with a brand that would allow them to make a statement within their local beauty services industry
  • Our team delivered three concepts that aligned with the client’s needs and budget. The chosen concept was then fully designed and applied to their print and online marketing.

The need

Skinplicity is operating at the higher-end of their market, offering luxurious beauty therapy services. They required a brand (and supporting materials and guidelines) that would position themselves accordingly in their market and allow them to convey their brand image across physical and online channels.

The client was looking for a design that evoked calmness, relaxation and cleanliness, with a colour scheme that emphasised tranquility. They wanted to incorporate the lotus flower, a symbol of peace, and come up with a brand that could be equally applied to their business cards, brochures and social media channels.

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The solution

Colouring Department met with the client online to gain a clearer understanding of their goals as a brand and their desired aesthetic. Following the initial call, we conducted market research for inspiration and to ensure we could come up with a unique design and brand presence.

We offered three separate concept options to the client, who decided on a design that incorporated the lotus flower and a lush, clean blue-and-white colour scheme. We incorporated that design into the client’s print materials, including business cards and brochures, and applied it to their social media pages. A brand logo and brand guidelines were also delivered for future use.

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The result

Colouring Department helped Skinplicity develop a brand that would help them gain recognition within a fairly saturated market, right from the very beginning.

Beautiful and professional design

Skinplicity Aesthetics Colouring Department created a beautiful and professional design for our brand. We now have a stylish new logo, business cards and marketing material. Colouring Department was very helpful throughout the design. Claire Crosby, Owner

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Claire Crosby
Skinplicity Aesthetics