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Sapro Solutions Ltd. (Sapro) is a Dublin-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions and advisory company, offering a full range of project management, IT consultancy, training, delivery and technical support services. They work with a wide range of clients across various industries, delivering agile, flexible and highly skilled services that allow for the best possible return on their clients’ SAP investments.


  • Sapro is a Dublin-based ERP solutions provider, offering specific expertise across a full range of IT requirements
  • As a provider within the IT industry, Sapro needed a website design that adequately conveyed their expertise and professionalism, while also allowing for the proper back-end tools for content management
  • Colouring Department worked closely with the client to create a user-friendly website that worked both for their site visitors and their internal team and various stakeholders

The need

As a provider in the IT industry, it was essential that Sapro have a strong online presence. However, their current website was outdated and full of content that hadn’t been changed in years. In order to come across as a reputable player in their industry, they required a fresh website and new online identity.

Style-wise, the website needed to be modern and fresh. The client required a colour palette that would work well with the bright orange of their existing logo, along with a visual aesthetic that conveyed professionalism and expertise.

The website equally needed to be restructured so that it was more user-friendly, delivering all essential content in a clear way so visitors could easily access the information they needed. All these changes, however, also had to meet the needs and expectations of Sapro’s various stakeholders.

Sapro Solutions Ltd

The solution

After some initial market research and several consultations with the client and their various stakeholders, The Colouring Department created a fresh, fully custom website design for Sapro. The website was set up to be linked with WordPress’ content management system for easy content editing and web hosting.

We equally ensured the content on the site was SEO-friendly, conducting keyword research before writing content that was valuable to their readers. Finally, we set up analytics capabilities on the website so the client could track improvements and results over time.

The result

With The Colouring Department’s help, Sapro was able to establish an online presence that adequately demonstrated their expertise and ability to keep up with the times to their potential customers. Their site not only looks professional, it is user-friendly for both their site visitors and team members responsible for updating its content.

The right design look and feel

Sapro Solutions It has been a pleasure working with Charlotte on the development of our new website. Charlotte guided us through the process of finding the right design look and feel for our site, advising on how to approach content production and ensuring that the whole site best represented our brand and purpose. Not only… Read more “The right design look and feel”

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