Potted Jewels

close up of potted jewels logo


Potted Jewels is a Dublin-based flower nursery, offering a variety of beautiful flowers but specialising in pelargoniums. Owned by Liga Plata, the company also offers gardening tips both in-store and online on their blog and social media channels.

Potted Jewels


  • Potted Jewels is a Dublin-based flower nursery specialising in pelargoniums
  • Colouring Department worked with the client to turn their concept into a reality, allowing our expertise to merge with their ideas and creative flair
  • We delivered a unique logo and full range of brand guidelines to set them up for success online and offline, all within a limited budget

The need

When Colouring Department met the client, Potted Jewels was a new business. The brand was establishing itself while operating under a limited budget, provided primarily by an Irish grant scheme. They needed a professional-looking brand to help them gain recognition within the community and attract new business, but it all needed to be done within the tight financial constraints of a new business.

Potted Jewels wanted a fun, colourful brand that was full of life and indicative of the vibrant products they sell. They wanted a colour scheme that would match their pelargoniums but that could also be applied across a variety of applications, including a logo.

Potted Jewels

The solution

Potted Jewels came to us with a clear concept in mind for their brand, and we wanted to work with them to breathe life into their rough sketch. We went over the client’s concept with them before offering a variety of options that would suit their tastes and market, including a range of colours that would work in harmony with the flowers they sell.

Based on these discussions, Colouring Department created a brand logo and other brand guidelines (including colours and fonts) to help the client get their business off the ground in a professional, appealing way. The branding was designed to be used across the full range of social media platforms and marketing materials.

The result

By working with Colouring Department, Potted Jewels has been able to build a brand they can be confident in – and one better suited to gain recognition in their market – even on a limited budget. With an established brand, the client has been able to expand their client base and grow their presence on social media.

Thank you to the Colouring Department for the lovely logo for my nursery; Potted Jewels. I sent my daughter’s little sketch, and in return I received a beautiful digital logo! Thank you, it was pleasure work with you!!! I Highly recommend the Colouring Department!