neuroprex machine closeup


NeuroPrex Inc. is a medical device company in Silicon Valley. It’s main product, the NeuroPrex NPX, is a wearable device that helps treat major depression, PTSD and other neurological diseases among patients who are resistant to drugs. Their award-winning treatments have been shown to relieve up to 70% of depression symptoms in patients and prevent 100% of suicidal behavior lasting for six months.


  • NeuroPrex is an award-winning biotech company in Silicon Valley, United States.
  • The client’s previous website had been made with a website builder, resulting in poor user experience, performance issues, and an unprofessional design
  • Colouring Department used a content-first approach to completely restructure the client’s website, delivering a strong visual impact and significantly improved usability

The need

NeuroPrex’s previous website had been built using a website builder, leaving it unresponsive with major performance issues.The design was outdated and needed a fresh, modern look that reflected the company’s status as a reputable brand. Content had not been planned strategically, preventing a straightforward flow across the site, and the colours and other visual elements failed to convey their strong reputation.

To help them prepare for their next milestones as their technology continues to gain popularity, NeuroPrex needed a website that was clean, modern and professional. Our priorities were to build a website that not only had a fresh design but allowed for greater usability, with up-to-date content that was easy to follow.


The solution

Colouring Department used a content-first approach in rebuilding NeuroPrex’s website, a technique that involves prioritising good content to deliver a better user experience. In addition to reworking the client’s existing content, the entire site map was entirely restructured so that everything could flow more smoothly.

The first step was to work closely with the client to review their offering and how it was currently being communicated online. Based on the key problems we identified, we replanned the website’s structure and implemented a new design: one that delivered a strong visual impact, prioritised images of the client’s technology, and that loaded quickly (in under two seconds).

The result

Thanks to the changes made by Colouring Department, NeuroPrex now has a website that accurately echoes their respective stance in their market. The site has a far more modern and professional visual appearance, and additional usability features mean visitors can get the information they need quickly.