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Hinter is a Singaporean social media development company. They created an app that allows its users to complete their goals and interact with others who have similar goals and interests.



  • Hinter is a Singaporean app that allows people to complete their goals and interact with like-minded users.
  • When we met the client, the app was merely an idea. We worked with them to establish a strategy and brand guidelines, and undertake a full user experience (UX) project for their interface.
  • With Colouring Department’s help, the client was able to get their idea off the ground and design a user-friendly app.

The need

When Hinter approached Colouring Department for help, their app was merely an idea. They did not yet have an established brand, nor had they undertaken any user experience (UX) design work. They needed a team to help them put a strategy behind their idea, and to design their app to function in a user-friendly way.

The client wanted an impactful, captivating design that would stand out from other social media platforms, and was particularly interested in achieving an ‘outer space’ vibe. They needed an online journey that would easily allow users to flow from website to landing page to the end goal of downloading the app.

hinter hinter

The solution

As with all Colouring Department projects, we started with research. We looked at the client’s market and reviewed their existing business plan before brainstorming a brand image and style for the business.

Colouring Department came up with a variety of branding options for the client to review, including a logo, brand guidelines, and custom icon designs for the app. Our team worked closely with Hinter’s in-house development team to develop a UX flow for the app, and to create a design and brand guidelines that could be easily and directly applied to the app’s user interface.

The result

With Colouring Department’s help, Hinter was able to turn their app idea into a full fledged social media platform. The process allowed them to get the app off the ground, moving from the concept stage to design and implementation.

“Colouring Department helped us create a really impactful design for our mobile application. The project was delivered in a very tight time frame and Colouring Department delivered a professional service throughout the project.”