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Harp Media is a film production company based in the Irish Midlands, co-founded by Robert Higgins and Patrick McGivney. They specialise in both short and feature-length films, music videos, and creative corporate videos for clients and artists all over Ireland.


  • Harp Media is an Irish film production company
  • The company required an online presence that would allow them to showcase their work and connect with new potential clients
  • Colouring Department developed brand guidelines and a responsive, custom website for the client, including connecting it to a CMS

The need

Harp Media needed an online presence that would help them share their portfolio of work and connect with those in Ireland looking for film production services. They first required a branding design that could be used both on their website and offline. They then needed a website that would be unique, highly responsive, and be able to showcase their work.

The client was looking for a minimalistic design that would allow their movies and videos to be the star of the show, yet that still incorporated their creativity and brand personality.

All of this needed to be delivered within a very tight timeframe: two weeks for initial development with an additional week for refinement.

Harp Media

The solution

Colouring Department first worked with the client to go through their design wishes. We wanted to carefully evaluate their vision to make sure it could be actualised, particularly in terms of making them responsive.

We worked together to prepare mockups for a desktop version of the website, moving on to the mobile version, before going on to implementing the site’s responsiveness and animation features. After some review and testing, we delivered website files that the client could upload to their server themselves once the website was ready to launch.

The result

The Typewiser website has yet to be launched; however, the client is fully equipped with the necessary files to do so. The project was successfully completed within the three-week deadline, and we were so pleased to be able to help the client establish an online presence quickly and efficiently.

Easy and straight forward process

Harp Media We were delighted with the website that the Colouring Department created for Harp Media. From the initial conversations to the design stages, right up until the final delivery, Charlotte was very helpful and accommodating to our needs. The process was made as easy and straight forward as possible and she was happy to… Read more “Easy and straight forward process”

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Robert Higgins