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Grippers, an Irish-based company, is a brand of non-slip socks for seniors to help prevent falls. The company was founded by Rebecca O’Carroll and Paddy Kinsella who stock a range of products designed to ensure maximum grip and prevent injuries to senior citizens.

Grippers logo


  • Grippers is an Irish brand of non slip socks for seniors to help prevent falls
  • The client is a startup and had not yet established a brand identity
  • Colouring Department created the visual components that produced the company image
  • The image successfully conveyed all the tangible aspects including the designs of the socks themselves

The need

The business is based in Carlow and the idea came about when Becky, who is a nurse, had an experience involving her own grandmother falling. The challenge was to develop a brand identity that emphasised the difference between Grippers and other brands and create an accessible and friendly brand personality that resonated with the elderly.

Their business objective was to develop a voice and tone that resonated with the elderly, attract investment, create brand awareness, build a presence in the market and in order to do so they needed to make themselves recognisable.

Grippers Grippers cards Grippers socks

The solution

made it very clear what the benefits of the product were Colouring Department wanted a soft and recognisable design for the product that drew the eye of the consumer and differentiated it from existing products. When deciding on a suitable logo for the product we reviewed the client’s market research and conducted interviews with the client on appropriate styles and market needs.

We then compiled the design aspects of the brand guidelines. This involved the logo, colors, fonts, images visual components and usage guidelines.

The result

Thanks to our new brand, Grippers has benefited from a stronger brand voice needed to move a product from concept to market.