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Fastbase Solutions (Fastbase) is a cancer research company based in Spain. They use quantitative biology methods to generate more accurate cancer diagnosis, allowing for more precise patient treatment.


  • Fastbase Solutions is a Spanish cancer research company whose current website was not representing them in an accurate, professional way, preventing them from being considered for funding and other collaborations.
  • Colouring Department worked with Fastbase to revamp their logo and create a stronger, more accurate brand identity that could be integrated into all their marketing efforts.
  • Colouring Department also created a custom, fast-performing website for Fastbase, which involved updating their layout and content and transferring their domain.
  • his was all achieved within a tight deadline of 2.5 weeks.

The need

When Fastbase approached Colouring Department for help it already had an online presence, but one that failed to represent the brand accurately. Their in-house-build, Wix-hosted website wasn’t demonstrating the brand’s level of professionalism. In order to attract the right clientele, and be taken seriously in a specialised market, they needed a brand image that accurately represented their assets and experience.

The client approached us in search of a brand image and online presence overhaul. Brand guidelines were needed to produce high-quality marketing materials, while a custom website design would not only deliver a stronger visual impact, it would also help with improved website speed and performance.

Fastbase was looking for a website and brand identity with a clean, crisp style that would generate a positive feeling among its audience, represented through calming colours and a refreshing vibe.

All of this needed to be designed, developed and implemented within a tight deadline of 2.5 weeks.

Fastbase Solutions

The solution

As with most of our projects, we started with some research to get to know Fastbase and its market. We reviewed the client’s current website and asked them to provide examples of website styles they liked. We also researched the client’s market, including their main competitors, to identify common styles and features.

We worked closely with the client to build a brand that would allow them to reach their goals and attract their key audiences (namely scientists, research facilities, and government bodies and other sources of funding). Based on our conversations, we created a brand identity (including a revamped logo) that would work across all their marketing materials.

We also built a custom, fast-performing website for Fastbase. This involved updating their content and imagery, as well as restructuring the website’s layout to deliver a superior user experience and provide easier access to the company’s most valuable content.

This project also involved the complicated task of transferring the client’s domain from Wix to Colouring Department’s server. Thanks to this effort, we can efficiently manage the client’s hosting and website security while also providing ongoing website maintenance and support.

The result

Colouring Department was pleased to help Fastbase to get online fast, completing the project within the 2.5-week deadline. Fastbase now has a brand identity and website that accurately demonstrates their professional nature, helping them generate a tremendous first impression among critical stakeholders and hold a firm grasp on their position within the market.

They handled the whole project very professionally

Fastbase Solutions We started working with Colouring Department during a very stressful time of applying for Phase 2 funding from the Horizon 2020. Colouring Department came onto the project to deliver a new website before the evaluation date. They handled the whole project very professionally and we were delighted with the end results. Their expertise… Read more “They handled the whole project very professionally”

Banafshe Larijani, Co-founder
Banafshe Larijani