Dockery Solicitors

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Dockery Solicitors is a law firm based in County Roscommon, Ireland. They offer legal services to clients across the country in the areas of employment law, personal injury law, family law, conveyancing, wills and probate, and property law.


  • Dockery Solicitors is a law firm based in County Roscommon, Ireland
  • The client needed a website that would help them stand out from their competitors and help potential clients find out about their services online
  • Colouring Department created a full brand identity for the client and translated it into an easy-to-use, responsive website

The need

While Dockery Solicitors had been practicing for a while, they had no online presence. Recognizing the need to get online in order to stay relevant, they needed help to establish a brand, develop a website, and produce relevant content.

The client didn’t necessarily require anything sophisticated at this point: simply a professional-looking, responsive website that would allow visitors to become familiar with their services and make contact with their team.

Dockery Solicitors

The solution

Because the client did not have an established brand at this point, Colouring Department’s first task was to establish a brand identity for Dockery Solicitors. After researching their market and deciding we wanted to help the client stand out in their saturated industry, we steered away from using plain, traditional solicitor colours. Instead, we went with a black and gold colour palette.

Once brand guidelines were solidified, we moved on to helping the client write content for their website. We created a large amount of web content for the client that was not immediately used, so they are able to update and freshen up their website over time.

Following this, we presented a series of design options to the client. Once they signed off on an option, we developed and launched their site.

The result

With Colouring Department’s help, Dockery Solicitors now has a strong visual identity and an online presence that stands out from their competitors.