Crumpet Cashmere

girl in black hooded jumper


Crumpet Cashmere (CC) is a cashmere clothing retailer in North Essex, England. Their cashmere pieces are hand-made in family-owned factories in Kathmandu, Nepal. The brand aims to create luxuriously detailed must-have pieces that fuse artisanal craftsmanship with modern shapes.


  • Crumpet Cashmere is a clothing retailer whose current website was not generating enough sales and failed to appeal to their target market
  • Using a user-experience focused approach, Colouring Department designed a clean, minimalist website, allowing for greater engagement and an easier path to purchase
  • The project involved improving CC’s visual identity, including new product photography, to communicate a younger, more colourful, more fashion-focused brand identity to better appeal to target customers
  • The website also integrates with CC’s bookkeeping, email and content management systems to assist with the business’ internal systems and other marketing activity

The need

CC sell their products internationally and needed a website that would allow shoppers to purchase from them online.

Their current website was dated and failed to appeal to their target market. It was not performing well in terms of sales and did not reflect their young, fashion-focused brand identity. A new website was required to generate more sales while improving the brand’s image.

CC wanted a design that better reflected their ethos and appealed to their desired customers. They also required a website that would easily allow for the addition of new products and collections and that would automate their invoicing and payment processes.

Crumpet Cashmere

The solution

To better understand CC’s needs, Colouring Department worked with the client to review their current website to identify key functional requirements. We also conducted market research to better understand the target customer and establish customer personas, as well as competitor research to establish benchmarks.

Based on this information, we decided to use a user-experience focused approach to allow for an easier path of purchase and a clean design to encourage visitor engagement.

We developed a custom website so CC could easily add new products to their inventory, regularly update their blog, and take payments using Woocommerce functionality. We also integrated their bookkeeping software, Xero, so payments were automatically reflected in the system and connected email applications to automatically send client invoices and order confirmations.

Design-wise, we decided on a clean, modern design that emphasised the colours and details of CC’s products, better organised their collections, and reflected the brand’s minimalist approach. We also wanted to ensure that CC’s products were beautifully displayed, not only on their new website but across their social media and marketing channels. We worked closely with the client to bring in and instruct a new photographer to generate better, lifestyle-focused product photography that reflected the style of the new website.

The final deliverable was not just a website but an overall growth strategy meant to integrate with and guide the client on their marketing campaigns and internal administration. This also involved installing a Facebook Pixel on the site, allowing for superior remarketing campaigns.

The result

CC is now better equipped to grow within the market and generate greater online sales. This project was a starting point for their overall online presence and has helped them get off the ground with a better understanding of the intricate connection between their website and overall marketing and branding efforts.

CC received their first sale within five minutes of the new website being live.