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BrightPay is a payroll software company catering to HR professionals and accountants within SMEs across the UK and Ireland. They have been operating for more than 25 years and offer payroll and HR software solutions across 5 different platforms: BrightPay, BrightPay for Mac, BrightPay Connect, Bright Contracts and Thesaurus Payroll Manager.



  • BrightPay is a software company offering payroll solutions to SMEs in the UK and Ireland
  • The client needed an exhibition stand that would stand out from their competition and attract visitors while remaining in-line with their existing brand guidelines
  • Colouring Department designed a display that attracted more visitors than ever before, taking the client from the ideas stage right through to final printing

The need

Colouring Department met the client at Accountex, Europe’s largest conference and expo dedicated entirely to the accountancy and finance industry. When we met the client, they failed to have a display that allowed them to stand out amongst their many competitors within an incredibly busy environment.

It was decided that Colouring Department would help the company design and build their exhibition stand for the following year’s event (2017). This would involve developing graphics that could be reused for future events and coordinating with a professional printer to get things done quickly. They were looking for a strong, clean design that would be impactful within the crowded space.


The solution

BrightPay needed a stand that would reach an incredible 13 feet tall and that could contain two digital screens. It would need to work for Accountex 2017, but also be easily used at future events.

Colouring Department first met with the client to review their display at the 2016 event, along with those of their competitors. We closely evaluated what seemed to stand out from the crowd versus what faded into the background, and used our findings to develop a concept for the following year.

We worked closely with the client to ensure our ideas fit well with their branding while improving their existing design with sharp geometric shapes. Finally, we coordinated with a local professional printer so we could take the burden off the client and deliver a final, printed product.

The result

BrightPay most certainly had one of the most striking displays at Accountex 2017. Their stand stood out at the exhibition and successfully attracted far more visitors than any previous year, with many commenting on the strong design. Thanks to a visually alluring display, the client was better able to network at the event.

Creative flare that really brought our stand to life

BrightPay I needed a clear, simple yet modern image that communicated the USPs of our product. Colouring Department worked with me to really perfect my vision for the stand. They followed my brief to the letter but managed to add in a creative flare that really brought our stand to life. I was more than… Read more “Creative flare that really brought our stand to life”

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