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Boldpage Innovation management experts offer consultancy services from inception to execution. We worked with Boldpage to deliver a strong online presence while the client was applying for additional business funding. The website and branding design was intended to give Boldpage an added edge and immediate impact to capture the attention of the evaluators. The new site is both bold and clean to present the organised demeanor of the firm while utilising real content from client projects to exhibit their innovative approach to business.

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  • Boldpage Innovation management experts offer consultancy services from inception to execution
  • Increased brand awareness by developing brand image and online presence
  • Exposing the real life behind the company by publishing client project pages and team member descriptions
  • Building bold and clean image to present the organised manner of the firm while playing on real projects to exhibit their innovative approach to business
  • Project delivered ahead of schedule while offering added service value by guiding the client at every step of the project

The need

Boldpage had a short time to launch, they needed the process to be highly organised and they wanted to be well informed at every stage of the design process without being heavily involved in the implementation process. Their expectations of the end result were high and it was very important to us that this quality standard was met. We needed to be fast and effective to deliver an important project that would be used as supporting material for company presentations and direct efforts to close essential funding.

The site needed to be versatile enough to allow for future business innovation. For example Boldpage has recently created a platform called Patwiser under the Boldpage brand that allows users to draft up patents themselves. Patwiser offers input knowledge and upgrades user content using the latest AI and Big data analytics. The new project was easily slotted into the businesses ever expanding project portfolio due to the flexibility of the current design and ease of website use with their customised content management system.


The solution

Our job was to display the clients impressive client portfolio and their expert services with a sharp design and a characteristic brand. We worked directly with the chief operations officer to deliver this distinctive brand by putting together a palette of colours that played on a balance of contrast and clean design. Once the colours were established we manipulated the logo text to incorporate the Bold theme and played with different icon options to incorporate the AI technology aspect.

We worked together to prepare mockups for a desktop version of the website, moving on to the mobile version, before going on to implementing the site’s responsiveness and animation features. After some review and testing, we delivered website files that the client could upload to their server themselves once the website was ready to launch.

The project went through all the main project stages starting with the discovery phase to identify the clients market and understand what the overall brand image would look like. Once we had carried out enough research we dived into the branding process. During this phase we developed the colour palette that distinguished the client and created all supporting material including logo design and brand material. We then moved onto producing multiple website design options for the client, finally agreeing on a more minimalist approach while using a block colour effect and subtle content animations to allow for movement on the page.

The result

The new site is bold and clean to present the organised manner of the firm while playing on real projects to exhibit their innovative approach to business. The client was particularly happy with the end result and the project was delivered ahead of the agreed schedule.

Very high quality of work

Boldpage Colouring Department understood that our core criteria was to deliver a strong face for the business in order to build a reputation prior to investor evaluation. They delivered everything ahead of schedule and also managed to maintain a very high quality of work in a very limited amount of time. We would highly recommend… Read more “Very high quality of work”

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