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Aspira is an Irish consulting and IT solutions firm, with offices in Dublin and Cork. They offer a full range of project management and enterprise IT solutions to clients around the world.


  • Typewiser is a business plan creation tool, developed by one of Europe’s top SME funding advisory experts as part of Horizon 2020’s SME Instrument
  • The client had no online presence and needed a website that was unique, interactive, animated and highly responsive
  • Colouring Department worked with the client to design and develop a visually-engaging website that suited their needs within a tight three-week timeframe

The need

Aspira had a functioning website, but users were dropping off in high numbers and the site was failing to convert visitors. The client knew they needed to make some changes to their website, but weren’t sure how to understand their customer journey or which changes would lead to higher conversion rates and longer browsing periods.


The solution

Colouring Department could see that Aspira’s current website wasn’t providing value to its visitors, nor a positive user experience overall. The website had been designed without a customer-focus, and so the first thing we did was conduct market research to identify what the ideal user wanted and needed out of the site.

Based on this research and some keyword research, we got to work rewriting the website’s content. We wrote updated content for each of Aspira’s departments, reflecting the questions users had about their services and allowing for better SEO.

We then improved the page layouts, restructuring them to allow for better functionality and to encourage leads to stay on the pages longer. This also involved coming up with better call-to-actions across the site to connect visitors with the information they needed and convert them into paying customers.

Finally, the site needed to provide valuable analytics so Aspira could continue to track the site’s performance. Colouring Department set up each page with goals and tracking methods so the client could easily identify areas for future improvement.

The result

Thanks to the changes made to their website, Aspira increased its website traffic by 40%. The client has additionally benefited from a stronger brand voice thanks to the site’s new content.

Inbound leads growing dramatically

Aspira Since Aspira started using Colouring Department last year we noticed an immediate transformation in our digital marketing performance. Charlotte and her team provide us with critical insights, creative advice and practical solutions to improving our standing in the marketplace. Their communication, creativity, speed and interpretation of our company goals has led to our inbound… Read more “Inbound leads growing dramatically”

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