Geowox have developed an automated valuation software for the Irish and Dutch property market. Their cutting edge algorithm produces fast and accurate results. We worked with Geowox during their second round of funding application for Phase 2 of the EIC fund. We designed and developed their website and digital illustrations with a minimalist approach to represent the simplicity of using their service over the previous traditional methods. The new design was also used to capture user attention and guide their eye through the pages with the flowing background design. The project was delivered on time to support their funding application.


  • Automated valuation software for the Irish and Duth property market
  • Expanding of web content for greater on-page SEO results
  • Custom designing all illustrations to ensure that they were one of a kind to match the client’s brand
  • Project was delivered on time to support their funding application
  • Client won their round of funding

The need

Geowox had an important deadline to meet but fortunately brought the project to use with plenty of time to deliver a fantastic result. The client had a clear vision of styles that they liked and previously had a one pager website online to inform users about their service. However this onepager was limited in information and did not encompass everything that Geowox was capable of offering. We worked closely with the client to brainstorm design ideas and create each illustration for the website individually based on the client’s core concepts to match their written content. We managed to come up with creative ideas to implement the designs while keeping a consistency across all illustrations.

The client wanted a modern vibe for their website with animations that introduced plenty of movement to the site for added visual effect. The website also needed to be highly responsive so that users would actively engage with the site and easily find the information they needed.

Geowox also had a very specific need as they were applying for phase 2 EIC funding and required a certain level of professionality that matched their business goals.


The solution

The project went through a series of phases starting out with an online research phase that allowed us to explore the clients online competition, establish their core keywords and identify their online market position. Once we had gathered enough information we were also able to set goals for web feature requirements. We worked to create a content framework for the client so that they could develop their own content with which we expanded on and enhanced. Once we had the initial content we could then move onto establishing the design concepts for the web illustrations. The illustrations went through a round of phases to get them perfect. In parallel to the illustration design we worked on creating the overall look and feel for the site. We created a hand sketched background that was later converted to vector format and used as a background design, guiding the users from one section to the next. The site was then custom coded for speed optimisation and integrated with WordPress content management system for ease of editing by the client.

We worked together to prepare mockups for a desktop version of the website, moving on to the mobile version, before going on to implementing the site’s responsiveness and animation features. After some review and testing, we delivered website files that the client could upload to their server themselves once the website was ready to launch.

The result

The new website has clever and informative content and now works as a smart lead capture platform for the client. The overall design is fresh and simplistic. The site also has some clever customised features including an interactive map and basic site animation.The project was delivered in good time for the client to submit and win their funding!