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Do you already have a website or online presence?

If your business already has a website but its not performing as well as you hoped. It may be that your website needs upgrading and regular monitoring. Website optimization involves improving your user experience so that visitors will be more likely to buy your product or service.

There are many ways to improve the search engine performance. For example website responsiveness, speed or even ensuring that the content is updated on a regular basis.

How can your user experience be improved?

First of all we need to study your market against your website data. This allows us to make informed decisions when proposing new changes to aspects of your site. The goal of making these changes is to increase performance and conversions.

Important question is your marketing spend being put to good use?

OK! You are spending money and getting a lot of traffic to your site BUT are your users converting (i.e. making contact or making a purchase). This part of the process is dependant on your website! Do they stay? Or do they leave?

So two areas that need to be explored:

  • Why are people coming to your website?
  • What are they doing once they get there?

Once you know where your users are coming from and what they are doing on your website informed decisions can be made about how to improve the conversion process.

What do we do?

Colouring Department work with our clients to review their current website, review their market and their data and then use this information to evaluate what aspects can be improved. We then test and implement the changes for our clients and monitor the performance of these new changes.

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