Business Position Analysis

How is your business perceived by your market?

Don’t get lost in the internet world! Stand out from the crowd!

It can be a daunting task trying to understand how to get your business online and how to decide what is the best way to spend your money, particularly in terms of marketing. Instead of throwing your money at social media and hoping it brings clients to your door it is better to find out what are the best channels for your business!

An important question to ask is . . . What is the best way to represent your brand?

Position analysis is journey used to determine how a company’s brand, business and online presence fit into its market segment and how it stands up against the competition in the market. Through position analysis we can identify opportunities with the market and direction for online presence and strategy.

We do this by drawing out a map of the client’s business model and assessing how this model is demonstrated through their online content, branding, website and finally marketing activities. At Colouring Department we understand that a website is not a stand alone product and needs to be strategically created in order to act as a lead generation tool for our clients. Once our clients understand their position within the market and they have developed a strong value proposition and company voice the rest of the marketing elements can fall into place!

Components of the service change from one client to another but service items that you will find included are:

  • Business model canvas development/refinement
  • Online market analysis
  • User research which may include user interviews
  • Buyer persona creation
  • Competitor research and competitor analysis
  • Strategy development and implementation

We aim to help our clients to set their marketing objectives and their budgets through strategic thinking and a methodical approach!

By the end of the service you will have your Colouring Department Game Plan! This will act as your online compass to help you to navigate through the noise!

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