Visual Identity

What does my business look like?

What does my business look like?

Brand Visual Identity is composed of the visual aspects of a brand or business. The most commonly known aspect is the business logo or brand stamp. A visual brand however also comprises of the way brand material is designed and a theme that is created for the business across both digital and print channels. Defining colours, fonts and layouts are all a way of setting rules for your business’s marketing material in order to stay consistent and most important to show professionalism.

Your branding needs to be considered when developing anything visual for your business and this can include imagery for your website, posts that you put on social media, the fonts you use on your website and print material . . . and many other aspects!

The visual and verbal parts of your branding go hand in hand to build the overall impression and reputation of your business. Whether your business is playful or its serious, or whether it is loud or calm. These aspects need to be developed strategically in order to get the ingredients right.

At Colouring Department we work with our clients to develop a strong and impactful brand with the aim of developing a solid reputation within the clients market!

Deliverables of visual identity:

  • Logo concept design
  • Corresponding colours, fonts, layouts and styles
  • Brand guidelines document to set rules for future application

If you already have a logo or online presence Colouring Department offers a free brand consultation. In order to avail of the consultation please fill out the form below and provide any material such as image files or links to your website for a proper evaluation.

Leave your details and we will be in contact

Leave your details and we will be in contact

What our clients say!

Since Aspira started using Colouring Department last year we noticed an immediate transformation in our digital marketing performance. Charlotte & her team provide us with critical insights, creative advice & practical solutions to improving our standing in the marketplace. Their communication, creativity, speed and interpretation of our company goals has led to our inbound leads growing dramatically from our website & SEO.


Phillip McGillicuddy, NBD

We were delighted with the website that the Colouring Department created for Harp Media. From the initial conversations, to the design stages, right up until the final delivery, Charlotte was very helpful and accommodating to our needs. The process was made as easy and straight forward as possible and she was happy to talk through any queries we had about the intricacies of creating a website. Would definitely recommend any businesses looking for a website to get in touch.

Harp Media

Robert Higgins, Owner

Working with Colouring Department has been a pleasant experience thanks to their operational and collaborative attitude, quick and accurate delivery, problem-solving capabilities and professionalism. They understood immediately our business and our needs and came up with interesting design proposals.

Caravel Innovation

Arianna Tibuzzi, CQO