Keith Styles Counselling

Branding and Web design project
branding, UX, UI

Keith Styles Counselling overview

Keith Styles Counselling is a psychologist based in Dublin. Keith offers a one on one service to indviduals suffering with depression, anxiety and other mental illnesses. He needed a brand and website that delivered the message of a need for this service and to show these clients that they are not alone.


Colouring Department service

Colouring Department has been involved with Keith Styles counselling from their business inception. We worked together to create valuable content and an overall brand image for the business. We used calming colours to represent the feeling of calmness associated with the service provided. The imagery demonstrated the emotional results of dealing with these emotional issues.


“Colouring department was an imperative part of my start up. The design talent and knowledge base paired with a reasonable price structure meant our collaboration was comfortable and productive.”

Keith Styles, Owner and Psychologist

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