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Colouring Department goes Live!

Colouring Department’s business has been running for a while now creating websites and integrated creative solutions for our clients and now FINALLY, we have our own website!

The painters house is always the last to be painted,

Well that’s our excuse anyway!

How Colouring Department set up its canvas

Firstly, I am Charlotte the Founder of Colouring Department. The ideas all started while working in my previous employment I was given the task of rolling out new branding and a new website for the company. This seemed like a manageable task! One that a creative person should have no problem with and I was looking forward to the challenge.

As a marketing executive, I searched the market for web designers who I felt could take on the job. While researching the market, I noticed that there was a huge jump in cost from working with freelancers to working with agencies and trying to spot the differences in the services was not always easy.

Then my next challenge was deciding what services were needed? Many suppliers were saying to do SEO on the website or carry out UX. OK sounded like something we needed but understanding what was being sold was a different thing. New company branding? Yes, I am sure we need that. The branding was being sold at thousands of euros and we didn’t know what we were going to receive at the end of the project. In the end, we got a . . . logo.

We then realised we needed multiple suppliers to deliver the full service that we required and finding those suppliers was taking a long time. We needed a graphic designer, a web designer, a developer, a content writer, an SEO specialist, 4 clowns and a pirate ship. How we were going to work with these people was completely unknown.

When we finally kick-started the project, we were ensured that it would all run smoothly each person had their role covered. However, we had no idea when the site would launch and what would be delivered at all the different stages and who was looking after what. Eventually we found issues as services were not implemented in conjunction, items were broken, emails were not delivering, web pages were missing and many other things were going wrong. In the end, we got a big bill for a service that we could not use for the company.

Unravelling the Rubix:

After carrying out one of these projects from the perspective of the client I knew the service itself could have been more successful if we could have hired all the services from the one place.

Colouring Department moulded the clay:

Colouring Department has the vision of helping SME’s to co-ordinate the creative services and to get online with a professional brand and website that is easy for users to navigate and carry out goals. Not only does the service include designing and developing the websites but it also includes setting up systems to compliment internal company procedures such as connecting CRM software, creating automated emails and preparing for online marketing activities. Most importantly we help our clients to understand the service we are providing by offering regular updates and communications and co-ordinating the different services for them so all these activities can be managed under one supplier.

Colouring Department is focused on creating integrated services for our clients to kick-start their online activities and move towards achieving business and online growth!

Get in touch!!

If you are a small to medium enterprise and you want to get your business up and running online or if you have a website that you feel needs improvements or is not performing, get in touch with us today and we will create a custom solution for your needs.

Thanks for reading!!